45 London Wall, EC2M 5TE, London


Fused Spice

Are you craving Indian cuisine today? Do not worry, we have your back, and guess what? We have the ultimate checklist for your cravings and the number one pointer shouts out loud, ‘SPICY.’ Aren’t we right? Yes, of course! Therefore, here at Fused Spice, we make sure that our top experienced chefs cook the best for you. Our best dishes include tadka dal, rajma curry, butter chicken, chicken tikka masala and raita.


With traditional recipes and fresh ingredients, our food is cooked with the utmost love for each of our customers. Situated in a prime area of London, England, we are here for you every time you crave Indian cuisine. Not just the creamy and irresistible curries, bread and rice, we also offer appetizing starters such as onion bhaaji and samosas, accompanied with desserts made with pure desi ghee such as gulab jamun and carrot halwa.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday
11am - 10pm
Saturday - Sunday